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Technical documentation

Form configuration

When creating the form template, the only requirement is that the form is submitted via a data connection of type "Submit to ASP.NET Hosting Environment".

Site-wide web part configuration

When the feature is activated for a site collection, a new option will appear in the site collection settings - "Anonymous Form View Web Part Configuration". This page contains a PeopleEditor (Microsoft.SharePoint.WebControls). The selected user is written to the Site property bag and is used for form submissions. This user account needs at least read permissions to the entire site to ensure that it can step through the collection and find the library.

Web part

When the web part is inserted on a page, the user is asked to provide a xsn template and the library which submissions should be sent.

The form template is loaded into an XmlFormView control (Microsoft.Office.InfoPath.Server.Controls), and an event handler is wired up to handle the SubmitToHost event. When the user submits the form, the code elevates to the system account, and then steps down into the context of the user provided in the web part configuration in order to submit to the selected library. The user is reminded in the web part settings panel that this user must have contribute rights to the library.

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srikanthgh Feb 5, 2015 at 5:39 PM 
I tried everything as per the document and it is working fine for sending email, but it is not storing in the form library. Can you please suggest.